A Dance to Remember

Peppy songs and dance performances at Indian weddings is what makes them a unique and colorful celebration of a matrimonial alliance.

Out of all the ceremonies, Sangeet seems to be the one of the most awaited function in any wedding. And Bollywood numbers have always played an important role in making this night fun-filled.

Loved and enjoyed across all ages and gender, the success of this function is not overnight. People practice for days, weeks and in some cases even months for that 5 minute performance only because they want it to be the best. A lot of time even goes in selecting the songs, in order to make their performance unique they keep searching for a different song which is new in some way. There are thousands of wedding songs available on internet today but the difficult part is to make a choice.

All of us are fascinated by the Bollywood Parodies and Antakshari sequencies where they express their emotions with the help of a song. Whether it be the famous parody from ‘Mujhse Dosti karoge, or  the jugalbandi from ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ we all want some drama added to our functions and make them memorable.

Everyone wants that their performance is appreciated and enjoyed by the viewers. You might or might not be good a dancer but you can be a great performer.

If you are a good dancer and you chose to dance on a regular song, you will be appreciated for your dance. But if you are not that good at dancing then you should invest more time in making your performance unique rather than polishing your dance moves. And in a case you a good dancer and choose to perform on a different song, it’s a win-win situation.

At ‘Add A Tadka’ I will not be providing you with a list of songs on which you can dance but ideas on how to create magic with these songs. In my upcoming posts you will get to see some examples.

Till then, keep dancing !


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